Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Await the Night

Hello again, Hope you are all well.

I made this card for my daughters 21st birthday, both my daughter and I are big fans of Anne Stokes art work, so I have used one of her images, she is called 'Await the Night' We think she is lovely. Let me know what you think.

The card is 12 x 12 square, mainly because I loved the swirly frame on the paper and couldn't bear to cut it up, so I coloured it in red (black and red are my daughters favourite colours), cut out the middle and inserted the image. The key on the front is an old wardrobe door key sprayed it gold and attached a tassel and bow.

I emailed Anne Stokes and requested her permission to use her art and show it on my blog and this is the reply I received

"Hi Fiona,
Thats a very nice card you made :) Yes it is ok for you to put it on your blog. Just make sure you mention it was for personal use only. I don't want people thinking its ok for them to make stuff like this and sell it.
Best wishes,

I was so thrilled to receive a reply I really wouldn't have minded if she had said no! of course, then I wouldn't have been able to show you all my card, but as requested I must stress this card was made for PERSONAL USE ONLY and all credit must go to Anne Stokes for her fantastic art work.

That's all from me for now, take care
Fiona. x

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  1. Fiona, WOW! This is absolutely stunning! I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday :)